Knitting necklace 004

LENGTH 96 WAIST 32(drawstring) HIP 55 SIDE WAIST 41 THIGH 35 HEMLINE 20 (cm)


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* Due to the covid19, shipping to some countries has been banned. Your order may be canceled depending on the shipping situation.

We have a new pair of coral pants that look like spring.

It's a moderately soft gauze fabric that you can wear comfortably at home and outside.

I'll put cute embroidery on your knees in the alphabet you want. (up to 5 characters)

It can be a very special gift to friends, lovers, family, or yourself, right?

You can wear it regardless of size with a generous fit.

Roll up the bottom and match it with matching socks.

These days, I'm tired of my body and mind, so let's try on some bright clothes.